TMT and Cement

TMT and Cement

Today, TMT bars are the backbones of almost all construction that are done in the nation. No other steel bar has the ductility and strength a TMT steel bar has. The TMT steel bars even have the power to withstand earthquakes and windstorms. Nowadays, customers only buy a product after they have proper knowledge and awareness about the product, in this case, the steel bar they are buying. These TMT steel bars are manufactured with the help of a unique metallurgical process known as “Thermo Mechanical Treatment”


AKA “TMT”. They have been officially approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards for building and construction projects. The combination used to TMT bars are highly tensile and ductile. So, when stressed with a really heavy load, it will adapt according to the load that it us under and physically reform to withstand it. This is why TMT steel bars are the best option for your steel needs. VGC Beena houses TMT bars from brands such as Vizag Steel, Kalliyath TMT, JSW Neosteel.

The most basic thing to understand is that, cement, like flour, is an ingredient that is used to build foundations. Cement is an ingredient that is used to makes concrete that holds our structures firm and strong. Coming to cement, it is made of eight ingredients that are lime, silica, alumina, magnesia, sulfur trioxide, alkaline, iron oxide, calcium sulfate. The high-quality, grade A cement that you use is made through a variety of processes like mining, crushing, drying and grinding, sintering, cement grinding, and finally you get cement.

Roofing Structures

Rather than the one type of sheets used earlier, today there are various types of roofing sheets that can be used that are more efficient and have better withstanding power. Some types of roofing sheets are: Corrugated roofing sheets: Mostly used as sheets for agricultural buildings, these sheets offer long durability and enhanced strength. The corrugated design helps them withstand harsh weather and is eco-friendly. Polycarbonate roofing sheets: They are lightweight and durable. It is used in homes to build sheds, roof with a minimal slope, etc. They also work well in filtering out the harmful UV rays that can attack us. Plastic roofing sheets: The least used type of sheet, this roofing sheet is usually used for covering gardens or temporary structures. These sheets are not so much used as they are flimsy and weak.

Roofing projects require strong infrastructure and sturdy roofing structural that will allow your home to hold its head up high. No matter what edifice we are talking about here, it requires strong essentials. At VGC Beena, we offer you a range of products that come under a variety of GI and GP pipes as well as square and rectangular sections that you might need.

There is never an end to the utility materials that one can use for their homes. From gates that come in various styles like electronic, steel, and even wooden gates, or roll-over ones. Coming to fencing, it can be a simple fence to keep away small animals, an iron fence as a boundary for your home, or a tall and big fence to simply keep your privacy. If it's window frames that you are looking for, you can always take your time to choose from a variety of frames in various shapes, sizes, and colours. A home is never complete without doors. While some people may be interested in wooden doors, some may want glass doors for their bathrooms. You will find all this and more at VGC Beena.