Sanitaryware and Plumbing

Sanitaryware and Plumbing

Sanitaryware is broadly classified as the various types of appliances that are used in bathrooms. Everything that is used in a bathroom such as toilet bowls, sinks, tubs, showers, etc. are all under the broad umbrella of sanitaryware. Traditionally, sanitaryware was made from ‘porcelain’. This material might also be referred to as ceramic, porcelain, China sanitaryware, and even China. However, today, it's not only porcelain that is used to make sanitary appliances. Numerous other materials like metals, acrylics, and glass are now used to accommodate several bathroom products like showers, bidets, taps, etc

Although there are several types and patterns that are employed for setting a wash basin, the most commonly used two types are-

1. Flat back for mounting on walls

2. Angle back for fixing at the junction of two walls

Wash-basins are made of several materials like fire-clay, stoneware, earthenware, or vitreous China. But nowadays, you will also find steel, aluminum, and plastic wash-basins that are quite popular. Wash-basins come in many shapes like squares, circles, oblong shapes, etc. It can be fitted in various sizes as well.


These are rectangular shallow receptacles usually used for bathrooms and kitchens. The kitchen sink can be used with or without a rim. Most of the time, kitchen sanitaryware have a slope in it for wastage outlets. These sinks are usually made from earthenware or stoneware


An imperative appliance for all bathrooms, no bathroom or sanitaryware store is complete without closets. Some of the most common types are-

1. Squatting type or Indian type
2. Wash-down, pedestal, or European type

They are mainly manufactured in two different pieces, the squatting pan and the trap. The pan is provided with an internal flushing rim of a suitable type. The inside of the pan will have an efficient slope so that there is quick disposal after flushing. The pan and trap are made of vitreous clay. The interior of this appliance is glazed to make it easy to clean.