Good plumbing is intricately connected with the smooth functioning of the house.
From the clay pipes that were used in Greece, we sure have come a long way from all of them. Today, a variety of materials such as copper, galvanized, ABS, etc.,
are used in homes for various uses and functions.

The three types of pipes used for plumbing in homes are:

Polyethylene cross-linked pipe is very common in houses for water supply. Unlike the other pipes that may bring in traces of rust or corrosion with the water, there is no such worry with PEX plumbing pipes. They are affordable, plastic pipes. It is also really easy to install as its physical flexibility makes it easy to maneuver the pipes around. The PEX pipes also follow a color-coding method that makes it easy to organize your plumbing as well.


Polyvinyl Chloride is used to make these pipes. Best for plumbing uses in drainages and sewages, this pipe comes in handy with low-pressure, low-impact water. Ideal for a toilet drainage system, PVCs cannot stand high-pressure or even hot water for that matter. While longer PVC pipes are used for main drains, smaller pipers are used for smaller drains and sinks.


If you are a keen observer, you might have come across some black pipes in a sink, a bath tub, or a toilet drain. Made out of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, ABS is another pipe that is found in drainages and sinks, and has functions that are somewhat similar to that of the PVC plumbing pipes. Although more durable than PVC pipes, it is not as famous as it used to be before. One major reason for this can be the fact that ABS plumbing pipes cannot be exposed to direct sunlight while PVC pipes can be exposed.

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