Hardware Solutions

A house is not a home unless there is love and care in it. However, what makes your home? You might be one of those people who believe that it’s the little things that make a home. In that case, you are absolutely true! When you build a home, you take things such as doors, hinges, cabinets, locks etc. for granted. This is what makes up the hardware solutions that are used for your home.

The various hardware solutions available in VGC Beena are:


Known as the industry’s “bread and butter”, bearings are fundamental in keeping a piece of machinery or a product together. Bearings are simply mechanical assemblies that consist of rolling elements and usually used to regulate the motion and reduce the friction of a moving part. This helps in reducing the load that is placed on something.



Hinges are used to join two parts together while allowing them to rotate relative to each other. Hinges are made up of two ‘leaves’. One leaf is attached to another with each of the parts being joined together. In usual circumstances, the leaves have holes so that a screw can pass through them. The middle of the hinge is occupied by a pin that forms a connects the two rotating parts. Commonly, hinges are used in doors. To apply a hinge all you have to do is:

  • 1. Understand what you want the hinges for. Is it a cabinet, a door, or a window?
  • 2. Measure the size of the portion where you will be attaching the link to.
  • 3. Know what hinge metal do you prefer.
  • 4. Also have an idea about the number of hinges that you might need per door.
Our range include

Perhaps the most important of them all, a home cannot function without a lock. To keep your home safe and secure, you will need a lock. While you may be thinking that choosing a lock is not exactly time-consuming, it actually is.

When choosing a lock for your home, you need to spend a lot of time deciding on the lock that you want to use, is it a traditional one, or a steel lock, or a lock and key, or a technologically upgraded one. When it comes to locks, one can never think about it too much.