Electrical Solutions

At VGC Beena, you will find an assortment of electrical assortments that can be a great addition to your home. Be it the lights and switches you were looking for, or fans for the cool breeze: we have it all. Almost all the leading brands are available. All the options are efficient, user-friendly, and affordable.

Some different types of switches you can buy are:
Light switch

Used to control lights from a single location, these lights also, known as toggle switches, are usually used to turn an appliance on or off. They are easy to install and easier to use. A constant in all homes, they have been used since time immemorial.

Ceiling fans with lights

This appliance merges two household fixtures into one. The lights or shades that are used with the fan will be done in such a way that it complements the fan’s color and style as well.

Energy star ceiling fans

Fans that have the accreditation of energy star will be energy-efficient, i.e., it will have aerodynamic blades and energy-efficient motors. These fans, as you would have understood, operate on lesser energy.

All this and appliances like lights, cables, wires etc. that are necessary for your home can be found at VGC Beena. We are more than happy to provide you with the best electrical solutions possible.